About Okeezy

Hi! Nice to see you. At our about page, you will find more information about our mission and the team. Do you want to get in touch? Feel free to start a chat with us.

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Connect to GitHub or Bitbucket

With a single click you can connect your git account to Okeezy. And import your repositories with 0 effort.


Automatic releases

When you push a new commit to your repository. Okeezy will automatically create a release and within minutes your new code is already online.


Top security servers

Security is our top priotity at Okeezy. We make sure our servers are secure and your website is safe to use. All our hosted domains have SSL certificates.

Meet the team

Our team is working every day to make Okeezy as seemless as possible. Empowering developers all over the world with seemless deployment.

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Jorben Saaltink

Passionate about hosting and programming in general. I want to enable developers to create great websites and webapps without having to deal with the hassle of webservers.

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Haroub Said

A full time intern, enthousiatic, passionate and driven. Eager to become an high level programmer.

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Wander van der Wal

Junior fullstack developer and board game fanatic. With a passion for creating services that leave a social impact.

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