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Manual automation of releases

Free domain at:


$ 7.99 /month

Automatic releases

1 project

1 domain

+ $4.99 for each extra project



$ 7.99 /month

Automatic releases

Connect to your own FTP server

+ $4.99 for each extra project


Using integrations we want to make the experience feel seemless and want to make your workflow better.

github icon


Github is the #1 widely used platform to store your code. You are able to connect your Okeezy account to Github with a single click!

bitbucket icon


Bitbucket is a widely used git platform. The company behind Bitbucket has a wide variety of services. We at Okeezy are personally a fan! Connect your Okeezy account to Bitbucket with a single click.

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Your own SFTP/FTP server

We also provide a service where you can use your own FTP/SFTP server. Simply fill in your server credentials and we will automate your release workflow.

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Yes, Okeezy is completely free of charge. You can read more about it at Free HTML Hosting.

Yes, you can host your own PHP website with Okeezy. Read more about it at Free PHP Hosting.

Yes, you are able to use your FTP/SFTP webserver using Okeezy. Learn more about it at FTP Server.

Okeezy support HTML and Javascript. As explained at Host Static Website.