Static website hosting with git and Okeezy

Simply connect your Github or Bitbucket account, choose your repository and Okeezy will take it online imidiately. Get started today for free.

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Connect to GitHub or Bitbucket

With a single click you can connect your git account to Okeezy. And import your repositories with 0 effort.


Automatic releases

When you push a new commit to your repository. Okeezy will automatically create a release and within minutes your new code is already online.


Top security servers

Security is our top priotity at Okeezy. We make sure our servers are secure and your website is safe to use. All our hosted domains have SSL certificates.

Okeezy reduces the chance of errors to zero

No more manual releases to a FTP/SFTP server. Okeezy manages it all for you. No downtime or mistakes uploading the latest version of your code.

Step 1

Code your HTML, CSS, JS and (PHP)

Code your website and make it completely custom as your desire. You can use any html, css, js and even PHP is supported.

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Step 2

Push your code to Github or Bitbucket

Commit your code and push it to your Github or Bitbucket repository where you always store your code.

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Step 3

Okeezy automatically publishes your code to the server

Okeezy will automatically see your new code going into your repository and create a release imediately. Within minutes of your commit, your static website is already online. Thanks to the automated release software of Okeezy.

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Using integrations we want to make the experience feel seemless and want to make your workflow better.

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Github is the #1 widely used platform to store your code. You are able to connect your Okeezy account to Github with a single click!

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Bitbucket is a widely used git platform. The company behind Bitbucket has a wide variety of services. We at Okeezy are personally a fan! Connect your Okeezy account to Bitbucket with a single click.

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Your own SFTP/FTP server

We also provide a service where you can use your own FTP/SFTP server. Simply fill in your server credentials and we will automate your release workflow.

Knowledge is Power

Once you've got a platform where people can build upon, you know you got something really special. That's what we're trying to create. We want to empower you with your projects and create a service which will improve your workflow dramatically.

Using Okeezy releasing a new version of the website became a seemless experience. No mistakes or errors anymore. It's a big relief to be using Okeezy.

Peter Crouch - Front-end developer

Thanks a lot to the Okeezy team for providing this service. It's amazing how seemless the experience is to add a project. No more dealing with server credentials and filezilla to publish a new release.

Kevin Hart - Front-end developer

It's a really cool product

Sylvia Brouwer - Front-end developer

Amazing product! A great addition to my coding stack!

Ying Huan - Front-end developer

Very happy with Okeezy! Amazing service, making life a lot easier.

Xavier Vourtous - Front-end developer

Okeezy is a great service for hosting static website. Definitely a recommandation from me!

Zeck Collar - Fullstack developer

Welcome to our Alpha release!

Thank you for visiting our website. We are currently doing a Alpha release. We currently support static websites only. But we've got way more in store for you. If this fits your needs? Great! If it doesn't don't hisitate to create an account. We will keep you posted on new product updates! Sign up today.

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