SFTP / FTP server

Looking for an SFTP / FTP service. We got you. Updating your FTP server can be frustrating and fault sensitive. Okeezy will automate releases for you, the only thing you have to do is push your code to your repository and we’ll automatically set your code on the server.

SFTP / FTP release automation

Okeezy is an platform that automates the process of updating your SFTP or FTP server. We offer a free sftp service, premium sftp service with a domain and we offer automation in which we automate the workflow to your own ftp of sftp server.

Automation PHP hosting

If you want to have your code on your own SFTP or FTP server. You can choose Automation you are able to setup your own SFTP and FTP details. We’ll take care of the release management and make sure your server is always up to date with your latest code.

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